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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lake District Day 1

So as most of you can see I am way behind in blogging so I am taking today to get everything in order so enjoy!

For the week of September 21-25 our group got on a coach and took a tour up North. Although it was great fun I am pretty sure that all of us were pretty sick of the coach by the end of the week! The first day on Monday the 21 we went to Haworth Parsonage which is the home of the Bronte's from 1820-1861. The Bronte sisters, Emily, Ann and Charlotte were famous for writing famous works of literature under different names. These books include Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. It was cool to see where they lived and go through the museum and learn more about their lives.
The graveyard in front of the church

We then got back onto the coach and went to York Minister. We split into tour groups and my guide was Malcolm Walker. When going into this minister I immeditaly saw how much this looked just like Canterbury. Just as in Canterbury the Puritans came through and cut of the heads of the statues. During the Civil Wars they were also suppossed to break the stained glass but General Fairfax forbid his soldiers to touch the glass and because of that York Minister has the most Medieval stained glass. That night while at York Minister we got to see an Even Song that the church put on. It was really interesting to see how everything was done and in the paper I was reading it said the Even Song has been largely unchanged since the first English language Book of Common Prayer of 1549! With this Even Song I could see how similar the Church of England and Catholic churches are the same.Some of the beautiful stained glass
The ceiling in the chapter house
Some of the hand carved statues
We also got to climb up the tower and see the view from the top of York Minister! There were 293 stairs to get to the top!!! Good thing I live on the fifth floor and had a month to train for York Minister!Some of the stairs!

After the minister we had some time to walk around York and see the town a little. One place we stopped off was the Shambles! Since I have been here I have been so amazed at how much history and how old everything is!

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