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Sunday, October 11, 2009

"This is like Shakespeare Disneyland!" Sara Watkins

On the 3rd of October our group got back on the coach and headed to see a few places about Shakespeare. The first was Mary Arden's farm. This was his mother's home. While we were there we got to see how people living in the Tudor times ate their meals. There were also some pigs and goats around the area- it really was farm life!
Playing around in the leaves!Milking the cow!
We then got back onto the coach and headed towards Anne Hathaway's home. Anne was the wife of Shakespeare. When they were married he was just 18 and she was 26! And at the time was pregnant with their first child- what a scandal! As you can see in the picture of the house she had a thactched roof. These were really common during these times, but today they are really expensive so not many people have them. We also saw Shakespeare's 'second best bed' which he gave to Anne in his will. The first best bed is to show off and no one really uses it, so the second best bed was the marriage one. Then we went to Stranton-Upon-Avon and saw where Shakespeare grew up. Before we entered we had to go through a museum that was actually pretty cool. While we were there Sara said, "This is like Shakespeare Disneyland!" At the house there were even actors in some of the window ledges reciting Shakespeare- it was funny but a little strange. I have realized here that a lot of these historic places not only give you a tour, but there are actors that have dressed up in the clothing of the times and put on a little show- it is so funny cause they remain in character the whole time. The Gingerbread Shakespeare Cookie

By the time we got done with this house we were all a little Shakespeared out so we found a great Christmas shop and spent some time in there. Sara loves Christmas and so of course she had a lot of fun! The town of Straton-Upon-Avon was really nice and I enjoyed walking around and seeing the town.


  1. I had to look twice...but I was pretty sure there was no way in hell that that was a real cow, because if it was I know there is NO way you would be touching it's boobies!!! :) Looks fun! And I am stealing some of your music! Hey-how do I set it up to get emails when my blog people do a new post?

  2. Hahaha yeah that was for sure a fake cow! The only thing I touched on the farm was a goat and a pig!
    You go to comments setting and at the bottom there is a spot for your e-mail and if you type in your e-mail it will send them to you!


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