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Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Top 10 Hottest Guys in Hollywood!

So I was reading People's '45 Sexy Guys We Love' and I decieded I wanted to make a list of who my top ten were!

1. COLIN FIRTH- He is just so attractive to me and I really think if I ran into him on the streets of London he would be down to Earth. I loved him in 'Pride and Prejudice', 'Bridget Jones', 'Love Actually', and 'Mamma Mia'! So cute, plus I love the accent!

2. CHRISTAIN BALE- I have loved him ever since I was in the 6th grade and my sister had me watch Newsies! Just so hot... I used to wish we could meet and we could sing 'I'm the King of New York' together! And of course he has a great accent!

3. RYAN REYNOLDS- What a cuttie. I never really thought about him until I saw 'Andventureland' and then 'Proposal', but he was so good in both. And of course super attractive! Plus, his facial expressions are so funny, I really think he is very talented!

4. ROBERT PATTINSON- I don't think I would be considered a true 'Twilight' fan if I did not have this guy on my list! Although, I do have to say I thought he was cute in 'Harry Potter'! This is another person I would love to run into on the busy streets of London! What can I say I love accents!

5. ZAC EFFRON- He was cute in 'High School Musical', but it was in '17 Again' that I really felt he should be put on the list! So might think he looks a little too young, but no worries he is my age!
6. BRADLEY COOPER- I thought he looked his best in 'The Hangover'. But I also think is is such a good dresser! He seems like he is a real funny guy!

7. LIAM NEESON- Again here is a guy with a great accent. So he might be a tad older than me, but I still think he should be on my list! In 'Love Actually' his character's role was my favorite!

8. JOHNNY DEPP- I think I like him so much because his look is so different and because his acting is so great and he really puts himself into his roles. Even when he is Mr. Wonka, I still think he looks good!

9. CHACE CRAWFORD- I started watching 'Gossip Girl' this year and it was not long till I thought Nate was so cute! He was People's Hottest Bachelor and I think he should be on this list. He is cute and seems done to Earth!
10. JOHN KRASINSKI- I think he is so cute. He does such a great job in 'The Office' and I think he looks just so really and down to Earth. I would like to sell some paper with him!
So that's my list- I hope everyone enjoys!

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