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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Family Vacation!

So Tuesday I packed up my suitcase and my family and me went out to California for Olivia's reunion with the girls from her orphanage group! So far it has been pretty fun, other than Barry refusing to take highways and getting lost almost every time we get into the car! Wednesday we went to Knotsberry Farm (one of Mom's childhood memories) - it was pretty fun! At Knotsberry I found out that I no longer can handle roller coasters and had to sit out on a lot of the fun! Yesterday, we went to Disneyland! YAY it was so much fun! My old roommate met up with us and it was a blast! Today, we met up with all the girls from the orphange! All the girls have gotten so big and cute!!! I am looking foward to spending the next few days with them! Pictures to come!!!

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