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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Asian Baby Reunion

This weekend was spent with the other girls that came from China with Olivia! They were all adopted at the same time and each year they get together and catch up! Each year a different family hosts the reunion and this year it was Charlotte and Juliet's turn in Long Beach, CA! All of our families think it's important for the girls to keep close with each other and know that they are not alone! It was so fun to see the girls get together and play and have so much fun! They have all grown up so much in the last five years! I really think adoption is such a great thing and I am so thankful for my two Chinese siblings- I am really pushing mom to go back to China, and once I turn 30 you better believe I am heading to China to adopt!!! I love seeing how unique each girl is and yet they are all tied together! It was a great weekend and I can't wait till the next reunion! Next year it will be in Jacksonville, Fl.


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