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Monday, April 13, 2015

Reflections #20

Happy Monday Y'all! 

Well, we've made it to our last month. On the 10th, I hit 20 months of living in Korea. 

This is our last month living in Korea, and I am filled with mixed emotions. In 26 days, Matt and I will be boarding a plane headed for the ole USA. 

Mostly, I am excited about going back home. I am ready to be in a country where I can understand 100% of what is going on around me. I am excited to eat the yummy food. I am excited about not having to work at my current job ever again. I am excited about our really cool summer plans (Harry Potter world, Georgia, Idaho, Utah, California, Disneyland!!!)

But this weekend, Matt and I stayed up in Seoul for a mini-getaway and it reaffirmed my love for this country. I absolutely love Korea. I would move back to Korea in a heartbeat if the jobs we were offered were way better than our current situations. And if we had a way nicer apartment. 

I was siting on the subway heading back to our apartment last night when I realized Matt and I didn't get lost once this weekend. And in fact, we haven't gotten lost in a really long time. Navigating the train and bus lines and walking around the city has become second nature to us. I think at that moment it really hit me that this is home. I always felt like Korea was my current home, but I realized this weekend that we've really adapted to it. The language is still a huge barrier, but it's gotten so much better.

There are a lot of things that annoy me about this country, but I know the same can be said for America. This really has been a wonderful last 20 months.

I am really looking forward to starting our new adventure back in the states. I am excited/ nervous to start graduate school. And I know that we are just pressing pause on our expat adventure. I know that we will return overseas within the next few years. Where that will be- I have no idea, but I know we are going to try as hard as possible to move overseas again.

One more month y'all! 

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