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Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Letters #72

Happy Friday Y'all! 

How lucky- two posts in one day. But I've had a lot of free time at work, and I thought this would be a good use of my time. There's only so much facebook one can take at a time. 

So I haven't done a letters post in a while, so here is what we've been up to. 

-Weekend adventure trip to Seoul 
-Watched a Korean baseball game Doosan Bears vs. LG Twins 
-We sat on the Doosan side and had a blast. The cheer section was amazing. I think I am going to do a whole post about it
- I really committed to my team and bought this super cute bear headband 
-After the game we hit up the Hard Rock Cafe Seoul. 
-Booked our tickets to California to visit my dad 

-The next day we went shopping around COEX Mall. This is the world's largest underground shopping mall
-We ate some yummy Mexican 
-Went to the aquarium 
-Drank some delicious Gong Cha bubble tea 

-Last weekend, I went to a baby shower for a friend at church
-We got a care package from my Fahey grandparents
- I started working on my family history work again 
-Kept running (I'll be hitting the 5 mile mark this weekend) 
-Found this cool ice cream Avengers cake for Matt 

-Had a date night to see Avengers last night
-Experienced a Korean photo booth 
-Finished up our 2nd to last week of teaching (only 4 more work days left!)
- Watched Star Wars with Matt 
-Bought the rest of the yarn for my ripple pattern blanket. Don't ask how much that cost

And that pretty much sums up our last few weeks. We are getting a little sad about leaving, but mostly just so excited about this new adventure we are starting! 

Happy Friday again. 

Love, Alex 

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