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Monday, December 15, 2014

Norman Adventures 2014: Part 2

Happy Monday Y'all! 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. 
Here are Norman's adventures from the week. 

December 7 

Norman doing a bit of light reading. He loves his comic books just like Matt. 

December 8 

We found Norman hanging out in our Christmas tree admiring a couple of new ornaments we picked up this year, including the cute H from Lisa Leonard and the little elephant from Cambodia. 

December 9

Norman studying up on hi한글. What a smart little cookie. 

December 10 

Oh no- Looks like Norman caught a little bit of a cold and was out for the day. 

December 11 

Norman made us a sweet treat. 

December 12 

Norman enjoying a Skype date with my cousin Jessie. PS- do you love his new outfit? Grandma and Grandpa Ho sent him this cute aviator jacket and goggles. 

December 13 

Looks like he loves his outfit as well- Norman found our selfie stick and took some pics. He is fitting into Korean quite well! 

And that's what he was up to this week! Stay tuned for more of Norman's adventures. 

And if you missed anything make sure to click here


  1. This is so cute (and I don't just mean the Doctor Who phone case!)

    1. Haha thanks Emma! I just go that phone case.

  2. I seriously need a TARDIS phone case.

    These are such cute ideas!

    1. Thanks Karen! And we picked up that case on some shop we found on etsy.


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