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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Norman Adventures 2014: Part 1

Happy Sunday Y'all! 

I hope your weekend is going well. I wanted to give y'all an update on Norman's adventures for the week. 

Here's is what our crazy Scout Elf has been up to. 

December 1 

Norman greeted us with a cute message and a sweet gift. We are enjoying our 25 Days of Christ ornament kit. 

December 2

Norman always loves meeting up with his friends each year. This year we found him playing a game of Skip Bo and having a drink (non-alcoholic of course). 

December 3 

Norman had a few things he wanted us to pick up at the store- all junk food it looks like.  

December 4 

It looks like Norman is an artist like Matt. 

December 5 

Norman sure loves his friends. We caught him taking a few pictures on my old phone. 

December 6

Norman must have had a craving for some Korean snack food and fanta. He must have a big appetite for all that tteokbooki (떡볶이). 

And that's Norman's adventures so far. We can't wait to see what he is up to next. 

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