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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Friday Letters 60

Happy Sunday Y'all. 

If you haven't noticed- I took a little blogging break this last week or so. I've currently be working on grad school stuff, and really didn't have the energy to put into the blog. The next month will be pretty busy getting in all the school stuff and trying to take advantage of the nice weather to explore a bit- but I will try to get some posts up now and then. 

Here's what we've been up to: 

- Taking part in wonderful Halloween activities (more on that soon) 
- Taking a trip to Seoul 
- Coke Floats and Hotel Transylvania
- Falling in love with the new show Selfie 
- Wandering around Home Plus with my love
- Getting snail mail from my wonderful Abuela and Papa
- Working on grad school stuff and being beyond stressed about it- I need one more letter of recommendation and it's been so hard getting in touch with one of my old professors- I wish I could just swing over to Hawaii and talk to him in person! 
- Trying to get my students more involved with my lessons
- Watching The Pioneer Woman 
- Having homemade BBQ 
- Eating yummy street food waffles
- Enjoying the beautiful Fall leaves

Yes, the format of the letters has completely changed, but I felt like mixing things up. I was a little tired of the old letters. 

I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Love, Alex  


  1. Blogging breaks are necessary sometimes. Looks like you've been up to some great stuff.

    And that's a beautiful picture of the temple!

    1. Thanks Karen- the Seoul temple is so pretty, although I've never seen an ugly temple :)

      I've just been so out of the blogging business lately. I think once my grad school apps are in I'll be good to go.


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