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Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Letter's #39

Happy Happy Friday Y'all! 

By the time this post is published, Matt and I will be on a plane heading for Tokyo, Japan. We are taking advantage of our three day weekend and going on an adventure. It just so happens that tomorrow is my 26th birthday, so it's an extra special adventure. 

Now onto the letters. 

Dear Saturday, Like most Saturdays- I was stuck inside studying for the approaching GRE. I took a practice test and of course bombed the matt portion of the test. Although my overall score did improve, so hopefully come test day I get my goal score. 

Dear Sunday, Thank you for being a nice and relaxing day. And thank you for introducing me to my newest addition- Vampire Diaries. Yup- I went there. I really couldn't help it, and really- y'all should be impressed I held out this long. Dear Vampire Diaries, Thank you for being so awesome. At this rate, I should be all caught up within the month. Hooray for binge watching! 

Dear Monday, Thanks for going by fast. Nothing much happened. I got caught up with my journaling and got some more studying done. Dear Students, Thanks for being pretty well behaved today. Much appreciated. 

Dear Tuesday and Wednesday, Again boring work days. Matt and I cleaned up the apartment and started getting things together for our trip. More studying was involved and of course, more Vampire Diaries. Oh yes, and Matt and I bought our very first pair of couple shoes! Yup- we are THAT couple now. I'm excited to walk around the Disney parks in our matching shoes. It's going to be amazing. I mean- if you can't wear matching outfits to Disney- when can you?!? 
{In my defense- I really needed good walking shoes.} 

Dear Jenny, Thank you for the wonderful video chat date. It was wonderful. We really should do that more often! Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday. I'm thinking instead of taking your vacation time to go to Utah- you really should just come to Korea. Come on- it will be fun. 

Dear Co-Workers, Thanks for finally inviting me to eat lunch with you guys. I know this was a big step, and I felt so happy. I really did like the noodles- I just was full from the lunch I ate with Matt. I hope you invite me again soon. (PS- that was a major accomplishment!) 

Dear Thursday, Thank you for being my Friday. I briefly chatted with my mom. Work day was good. Matt and I finished packing and are beyond excited for our trip. I bought a bubble tea in celebration of the start of my birthday weekend.  It was delicious as always. 

Dear Friday, Yay! You're here. Today we are planning on getting a half day in at Disneyland Tokyo. Hopefully we can catch the early bus to our hotel and hit the ground running. Dear Tokyo, Please be as amazing as you sound. We have been looking forward to this trip for months now. 

Dear Uncle Beau, Happy Birthday! I love you. 

And that's about all. We plan on having a blast in Tokyo, and I can't wait to share our trip with y'all. 

And let the birthday celebrations begin!!! 

I will be updating on Instagram, so make sure you follow along. 

Love, Alex 


  1. You're going to have such fun!!

  2. Have a wonderful birthday weekend!

  3. Happy birthday weekend! Have fun in Japan!

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great time in Japan and don't sweat the GRE, SERIOUSLY, you will do awesome.

    1. Thanks girl! I just can't wait till the GRE is over and I can actually start applying to schools!


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