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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Phimeanakas Temple

Happy Tuesday Y'all! 

Today will be short and sweet.
 I wanted to share this temple we walked by while on our small circuit tour. After walking through Baphuon Temple we made our way to Phimeanakas Temple. 

According to the reports, this temple used to have a tower on top with a golden statue siting on the very top. 
Matt and I didn't do too much exploring around this temple, but we still enjoyed snapping a few pictures and continuing our tour. There are thousands of temples that make up the Angkor Wat Complex. Some are fully restored, some are partially (like Phimeanakas), and some are in complete disrepair. I knew it was a big place, but I really couldn't comprehend until we started our tour. 

Maybe not as impressive as Angkor or Bayon, but it's still amazing to see all these old temples built together like this. 


  1. If this is only one part of Angkor Wat, I certainly would want to visit the whole area. This temple is really impressive!

    1. The Angkor Wat complex is filled with temples all throughout. Even the smaller temples and palaces are amazing to walk through.

  2. So you taught me something - I had no idea that Ankor Wat was a sprawling campus. Interesting. I have so much interest in that side of the world but it's SO far. One day!

    1. Margo- I hope you get there one day! Cambodia was never on my top to do list, but it was hard to resist. It was our favorite trip so far.

  3. Wow, amazing! Gorgeous photos.


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