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Monday, May 19, 2014

Small Circuit Tour: Bayon Temple

Happy Monday Y'all! 

Is anyone else a little sad to see the weekend go? If so, hopefully this post will cheer you up. Today I am sharing another wonderful temple we visited while in Siem Reap. 

Bayon Temple 

This was- hands down- my favorite temple we went to. It was more crowded than Angkor Wat, but I think that was because it was later in the morning- so more people were out. 

Angkor Wat was amazing to walk through, but Bayon was unbelievable. I loved everything about this temple. The faces. The detail. The size. Everything was amazing. 

I wish we had thought to visit Bayon one more time, but we completely forgot. It would have been nice to explore the temple without all the people milling around, but I guess that's what second trips are made for right!?! 

I'm glad this was the second temple we went to because we were still really fresh and hadn't reached the exhaustion point quite yet. My recommendation for the temples is to see the ones on the top of your list first. 

Sometimes people like to save the best for last, but I think with Angkor it's the opposite. Because the heat is so intense, and climbing up the temples and exploring can be tiring- it's best to see your top picks first. I found that after walking around a few temples I was a lot less enthusiastic than how I started the day. I enjoyed all the temples we saw, but I was most adventurous and ready to explore when I was fresh. 

What do you think of Bayon? Would you visit the Angkor Temple Complex? 


  1. Replies
    1. Chantal- it was so amazing! I hope you get there one day.

  2. That's interesting you say it was more crowded, we found it the opposite and that it was almost empty when we were there! Although that was in the evening, so perhaps it's busier at other times during the day.... interesting though!

    1. I think it was so busy because we went around 8ish, so maybe that's peek time. I would have liked to have been able to explore it with less people milling around, but it was still my favorite temple by far.


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