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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kiyomizudera Temple {Japan}

Happy Tuesday Y'all! For today's Travel Tuesday, I thought I would continue sharing Japan with you guys. Who knew a four day trip would take so long to share!?! 

When Matt and I were researching what we wanted to do for our trip, we knew a must see was Kiyomizudera Temple. So after visiting Kinkaku-ji we headed back over to the Gion district and made the journey to Kiyomizudera. We took a bus and got dropped off at Yasaka Shrine and then walked about 20 minutes to the temple. I would recommend walking the last 20 minutes because you can see more of the city and the street leading up to the temple is filled with shops for you to peek into. 

Kiyomizudera Temple 

Kiyomizudera is translated as "Pure Water Temple" and was founded on the site of the Otowa Waterfall in 780. The main hall and stage (which are pictured above) were built without nails and is a complete wooden structure. (Source

 At the top- you have a pretty nice view of Kyoto 

 I can't even imagine what it looks like in the Spring or Fall! 

This water is from the Otowa Waterfull and each of the streams has a different benefit. {Longevity, Success at school, and a Fortunate love life} If you want to drink from the waterfall- make sure to only drink from one stream so you don't seem too greedy!   

You can see how tall the wooden stage really is from this angle. It is a pretty impressive sight. There is an expression like "to take the plunge" which refers to an Edo period tradition that if someone jumped off the stage (about 13 meters high) and survived- their wish would be granted. (Source)

{We had a fun time looking in the shops and slowly making our way back down the hill} 

We had a wonderful time walking around the temple grounds and seeing such an amazing place. It was definitely the most crowded place we visited during our visit, but it was so horrible that you couldn't really explore. Plus it is a UNSECO World Heritage Sight, so bonus for that. If you are in the Kyoto area, I would highly recommend stopping here. 

Basic Information: 
Cost: 300 Yen
Hours: 6:00-1800; open everyday
Location294 Kiyomizu 1-chome, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 605-0862, Japan

*Note: Kiyomizudera is currently under construction. When we went some of the buildings were covered in scaffolding. The wooden stage was still able to be toured around, but just check and make sure before you head out there.* 

Travel Tuesday

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