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Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Letters #30

Happy Friday Y'all! 

And just like that March is basically behind us. It seems like Spring is finally here in Korea. Although I'm sure it will be way to hot pretty soon here. 

On to the letters. Really this week was pretty boring, so this will be nice and to the point. 

We did happen to see Captain American on Wednesday, so Dear Captain America, I really had no desire to watch your movie. I had a hard time watching the first one, and really didn't need to see the second. However, my dear husband really wanted to see it and so we went. And I actually loved it. It was a really good movie, and I would probably see it again. Although, I don't know if that's because not a lot of movies come here, or because it was that great. 

Dear Korean BBQ, Like always, you were the perfect end to my work week. Always so delicious and a perfect way to unwind and spend time with my love. I love that we have our own special place we go to each week and that we are regulars. I love that the employees all pretty much know us and always have huge smiles when we walk in the door. 

This week was even more exciting because a 'fight' broke out between a group of guys while we were eating. I say 'fight' out because it was basically two guys holding onto each other while their friends try to pull them apart. But one guy did slap another guy, so that was exciting. 

Dear Cherry Blossom Festival, I am so excited that we will be traveling down south next weekend  for the festival. We will be stopping in Busan for a few hours, and then heading over to the festival. I can't wait to see the cherry blossoms- I hope it looks as wonderful as all the pictures show. This destination was on our Travel Plans for 2014, so I am happy to be crossing places off our list. 


Weekly Inspiration: 

Megan over at Megan Joy Jaunts, shared the Plaza de Espana this week. I have to admit, Spain has never been on my top travel list, but I love reading Megan's stories and seeing all these wonderful places. 

Miho at Wander to Wonder, talks all about the wonderful Hyde Park over in England. I have to admit- this post made me a little jealous. I miss living right next to Hyde Park and being able to wander through it on a daily basis. 

And Casey at The Road Less Traveled shared her amazing experience at the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio in London, and again, I was filled with a bit of jealousy. I can't wait to Harry Potter world to open up in Osaka so I can get a little piece of the HP world. 

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 

Love, Alex 

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