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Monday, April 29, 2013

Update: Mustache Bash

For the past few months, I had been planning a graduation party for Matt. I wanted to do something big because he worked so hard the last two years here at BYU-H. 

We decided to do a Mustache Bash because we really like that trend right now. 

We had yummy food (which included a hot dog bar, pasta salad, veggies, fruit salad, chips, baked beans, and delicious dessert.) We had awesome music. And wonderful friends and family! 

I wanted the mustache theme to be really obvious, so I tried to stick mustaches on everything. 

Here is what I came up with (with the help of Pinterest and Etsy):

{The stationary I made via PicMonkey}

{The Decor} 

{Wonderful Bunting Made by My Mother-in-Law}

{I got pictures of Matt while he was growing up and photoshopped mustaches on them.} 

{Famous Mustaches} 

{The People}

{Ari helping Josh with his mustache} 
 {Liz and Lisa from the Reading Writing Center} 

 {Susie and Creighton with the Grahams and a stray Mongolian child} 

{The man of the night}

{The Family all Mustached Up} 
 {Holland and Jen - this is the couple helping us get to Korea}

All in all I think the party was a success. Our guests were great sports and put on their mustaches and started to party. 

The set up was stressful, but it all worked out. I think the strangest part of the night was the stray Mongolian children wandering to "help" (i.e. steal our food and decorations). By mid-party word got out to all the stray TVA children and random children of all races came to take our food. At first it was really funny... and then it got really annoying... but the worst part was that at no part did ANY of these kids parents stop by to see where their children were! 

I am happy that I was able to throw this party for his graduation! 

Thanks to my wonderful family and friends that helped set up/ clean up the party. And I have to give a special shout out to Jake (Matt's cousin). 

Jake was my personal slave throughout the day. (Which is of course what he wanted to do on his Hawaiian vacation.)  He made pasta salad, ran to the post office, helped with the set up, and much much more. 

It was really a great night!

I am of course available to plan all your parties and events. :) haha


  1. I loved everything about that mustache party! How awesome- I love that you photoshopped pics of Matt to have little mustaches. And the straws, the cupcakes-so fun! If I was a mongolian kid, I would have snuck in too!

  2. bachan looked sooo good with her mustache


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