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Saturday, September 8, 2012

I Work All Night I Work All Day

to pay the bills I have to pay.....

That ABBA song definitely fits what my life has been like the last three and half weeks. On August 15th I went back on track ( back to work). With work comes planning, planning, planning, grading, parent teacher conferences, a bit of teaching, a lot of paperwork, and some more planning.

As a first year teacher planning is a large part of my daily life. For the most part I keep about two-three weeks ahead of my students. I have the whole quarter outlined and then I just go from there. This is a system my CT (the teacher that trained me last year) taught me and I liked at have kept it in my classroom.

Ever since coming back on track I feel like it is becoming harder and harder to stay on top - now don't get me wrong I am still good until the end of September, but I still feel stressed. The good news is I love my job. I love my students and I love my team (the group of teachers I work with everyday).

I hate the drive and I hate the paperwork. I also don't really enjoy dealing with parents, but I guess that part won't go away. I also don't really enjoy my Family Consumer Science class. Currently, I am trying to learn to sew so I can teach my students to sew. And by learning, I mean putting it off for as long as possible. I think I am hoping the school will miraculously get rid of the sewing portion of my class. Haha, unlikely.

Luckily, my school is on that weird track system and I get a break every few months- which I love- love- love! My next break starts October 16th and I really cannot wait.

Being a teacher really is great, but by the end of the day I am pooped! I have now realized holidays and weekends were created to give teachers a break and not the other way around!

(Just in case you need a visual of how far I drive everyday: I live in Laie and work in Mililani Town. And no I can't just cut across the island... I have to follow the red line... which takes an hour there and an hour back!!!! EVERYDAY!!!)


Back row: Richard (Wheel), Jeff (Counselor), Jake (Science)
Front: Hiroko (Sped), Pat (Language Arts), Me (Social Studies) Krysti (Math), and Kelley (Sped) 

At my school we work as a team of teachers. Meaning we all have the same students and work and plan together. As a first year teacher this has been extremely helpful and I love love love my team! 

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