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Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Flashback #22

*Note: I did get permission from Joe to use this memory as a flashback.* 

My mom has always been pretty adamant about using the technical terms when talking about the human anatomy. Even when we were children it was a penis or a vagina- there were no hoo -hahs or pee pees in our household. 

Joe, like most little kids, had a hard time saying certain words and for vagina he would, instead, say China. (At this point he is no more than 3 years old.)

One weekend, my Papa Stewart was visiting us in Macon and he turned to my mom and said, "Andie, can I put this china in the microwave?" 

Joe then got this horrific look on his face and he exclaimed to Papa: "YOU CAN'T PUT CHINA IN THE MICROWAVE!" 

Hahahahaha can you imagine what young Jo Jo was thinking! This story has been told many times around my family, but regardless of how many times I hear it- it still makes me laugh. 

So if you ever hear someone say- You can't put china in the microwave. You will know what we are talking about. 

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