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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

(I love this picture and if you have been or lived in London you know why!)

Well of course, I had to write a little bit on what I watched last night (yes I know it was Friday morning London time, but in Hawaii it was night time)!

Matt and I do not have cable so the last couple of weeks I had been paniking about how I would be able to watch the Royal Wedding! Now, I know that it would be rebroadcast and I would be able to watch it eventually.... but I wanted to watch it LIVE! So I found ABC on the internet and watched the live broadcast!

I watched the guests arrive, including the Beckhams.. I watched members of the Royal family come in, Elton John... and then Prince Harry and Prince William... the Queen... and then...... Kate! And her dress was beautiful! Everything was beautiful and what was even better was that I had been there... I knew the procession exactly. I had been to Westminster and the whole time I was explaining things to Matt. I know he did not really want to watch it, but he was a trooper.

Overall, I thought it was wonderful. It made me miss London more than ever, but I loved it. I loved the look on Prince William's face when he saw Kate for the first time... I loved the vows, the singing, everything!!!!

Later today I will try to put some pictures up of my favorites but for now I will leave you with this!

Tell me what did you think of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?

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