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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Words Can't Describe

For those of you that were not aware I got a job a couple of weeks ago working at Subway. Now this is pretty funny seeing as while I was in London I would eat Subway at least a couple of times a week since I hated all the other food! So of course it's kinda perfect- although I might not ever eat Subway after being around the store for the next few months.

So far working there has been pretty easy... making sandwiches, doing prep, sweeping, etc... pretty easy! But things have changed... last Friday a little Caesars's Pizza has opened up right across the street... and my boss is freaking out about it! Everyday since the opening they have had a person dressed as the little Caesars man dancing around trying to draw people in! It has been pretty funny to watch and make fun of the poor person dressed as Little Caesar... I never thought that could happen to me!

Well today my boss had had enough and wanted to get someone out and promoting Subway! So that meant me or Tracy (the other girl I work with) had to go out in the sandwich suit! Of course I was a good sport and went out! And let me tell you when most bosses tell a woman to go stand on the corner and promote the business it's not usually a sandwich girl if you know what I mean! Haha! But now I can say I have stood on the street corner and gotten some business! :)

Of course I called my mom and told her right away what I was doing and where I was- where she promptly drove over with Joe in the car to take some pictures! It was classic they caught me dancing on the corner and pretty much making a big fool of myself! Which you know if you're going to do it do it right! While I was out there I got honked at, yelled out, and even got into a little dancing fight with the Little Caesar guy! It was not what I would say a fun couple of hours but it could have been worse!

After this I will never laugh at another fellow street dancer! Nor will I complain about my regular uniform of black pants, huge maroon polo, and a visor (which of course look great with my ears)!

Enjoy the pictures below!

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