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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Highlights of 2015

I may have dropped the ball on blogging this year, but I am not going to miss highlighting our 2015 and getting one last post in before the new year. 

This year brought a lot of changes for us. We started the year in Korea finishing up our teaching contracts and soaking up our last few months before leaving for the states. 

We went around Seoul. Took in a baseball game, ate at our favorite places, and went to Pyeongchang- the host of the 2020 Winter Olympics. It was great to take a few days before our long flight back for a nice relaxing trip by ourselves. It was such a quite town and just what we needed. 

In February, we took an 8 day trip to Thailand. This would be the last international trip for awhile, and for the most part we enjoyed every minute of it. We had so many adventures and I can't wait to finish blogging about it. 

In May, we moved back to the states and with that we had a nice long summer vacation seeing our family. We had so many nice adventures-- here are some of our pictures to hold you over until I catch up. 

The first stop back in the states was to Orlando to visit Universal Studios and of course the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was just as amazing as you would think. Matt and I had a blast with my little siblings, Jud and Olivia, and my cousin, Jessie. 

May also brought a mini-family reunion in St. Augustine, and watching two of my cousins graduate high school. 

{Mmmmm Butterbeer}

After my birthday, ekk 27!, we headed out West. Our first stop was California to see my dad and his wife. We had adventures in Lake Tahoe, Matt picked up fly fishing, and we took a took to Disneyland. 

We also got to visit Devils Postpile. Matt and my dad went fishing and I had fun at the camp sight and took a mini hike. 

Matt and I then took a road trip to Idaho to see his parents. We were able to see Jackson Hole, WY, the Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone. 

Idaho was filled with family reunions both on my side and Matt's. 

Three generations worked and finished this quilt. Matt and I love it. 

Disneyland was amazing. We were there for the 60th anniversary, and I loved every minute of it. 

We went camping a few times this summer, and I loved it. Any place with Matt is good for me. 

When the summer ended, I started graduate school at Georgia State. And a whole new adventure started. We haven't had too many traveling adventures, but the end of the year still brought a lot of change. 

We actually had all six siblings in one place and took some squinty eyed pictures. 

On Thanksgiving this year, I ran my first and maybe last half marathon! 

And Matt and I celebrated five years of marriage! 

 And those were the highlights of our 2015! 

Cheers to you and yours!

Have a happy new years. 

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