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Monday, October 6, 2014

St. Joseph's Cathedral: Hanoi

Happy Monday Y'all! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a pretty good weekend visiting Seoraksan, and I can't wait to start sharing that trip with y'all. But for today- I thought I would continue sharing our trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. 

The first night of our trip, we stayed in the historic Old Quarter of Hanoi. We loved where we stayed because we were in the heart of the Old Quarter and there were tons of things for us to see. The first thing we adventured out to see was St. Joseph's Cathedral. 

St. Joseph's was built in 1886 and was one of the first buildings built by the French during their colonial government. It is supposedly the oldest church in Hanoi. There is mass throughout the day if you wanted to check that out. And I believe Sunday mass is at 6:00 (get there early because we read it gets pretty full on Sundays). 

We thought the outside of the cathedral was pretty impressive. The brochures all boast about the wonderful stained glass windows, but after seeing the stained glass in Europe- I was not impressed. I guess I'm a bit of a stained glass snob. They were really beautiful- but the hype for them was insane. Maybe I was just being a grouch because I was really hot and sweating like a pig. They were nice to look at, and I think you should stop by this cathedral if you have the chance. 
We  had a fun time wandering around to find the church and looking around. 

So what do you think? St. Joseph's hit or miss? 

Have a great week y'all! 


  1. haha I think churches / cathedrals are just hard to compare to europe!

    1. That is so true! I've seen a few churches here in Asia- and they are nowhere close to Europe's!


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