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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Moving on Up... or Are We?

On April 15th we moved out of our TVA M150 studio apartment and said hello to our Laie Point studio apartment. 

Bye Bye TVA! We miss you a little, but mostly are completely done with that chapter of our lives. 

We lived in TVA M150 just short of two years. 

Things that I will miss about TVA: 
1. Being really close to campus
2. Having our cousins live close to us
3. I will miss our first little home together
4. The price of rent

Things that I will NOT miss about TVA:
1. Being able to hear all our neighbors... doing pretty much anything you can imagine 
2. The hordes of random unattended TVA children
3. RAs not really being much help at all
4. Work orders not getting done 
5. Did I mention the noise????? I seriously think I came close to killing a few people 

I love that Matt and I got the opportunity to live in TVA, but I am glad it's over. 

Since graduation was April 13 and my school year teaching doesn't end until June 26th, Matt and I needed a place to stay. We ended up renting a studio apartment on Laie Point. And it's pretty cool. It doesn't have a full kitchen, but lets be honest- how often was I cooking in TVA? 

Here is our temporary abode: (Jake and Jessie take a look at that floor cause that's all yours!) 

On the 15th we moved all our stuff in, but it wasn't until the 23rd that we had to stay here. And then we realized the huge draw back to living in this place. 

And that draw back is called the Wedge-tailed Shearwater. 
What is that you ask? 

It's a freaking bird! Click here for more information about the Wedge-tailed Shearwater. 

The first night Matt and I were convinced our house was haunted by dead babies wailing in the night. 

And then we thought it was cats.... but Matt discovered the noise is a bunch of birds. 

The noise they make at night is a combination of really scary and really really annoying. 

One night it got so bad I really considered killing the birds. So I did some research to see if they were endangered. And good luck... they aren't! Hahaha (Sorry for all you animal lovers, but I hate these birds.) 

I don't want you guys to think I am being dramatic, so I found a video of what the birds sound like. 

For real click on the video! (Around second 17 is what it's like for us!)

No joke- this is what we hear every night. Pretty much all night! 


So I really don't know what's worse hearing my neighbor laugh like a hyena at all times or hearing this bird.... at least I can actually kill the birds without going to jail. 

I kid I kid.... Oh well, it's just for a couple of months and then we will be moving... to where it's still uncertain, but we are moving. 


  1. Holy crap that is freaking funny. Get ear plugs. My kids are going to freak out.

  2. I lived on the point for two years as a student. It is seriously the most freaky sound in the world!


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