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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Quick Update in the life of Alex Fahey Ho

Note: This is a pretty lengthy post! 

As most of you know I have been looking for a full time teaching job for the last couple of months. And it has been a stressful few months. Matt and I were starting to come up with plan B for our future and it seemed like things were not lining up.

Then in the last week of June a principal from Mililani High School called and said he had offered a Social Studies' position to someone from the Mainland and would know by Friday July 6th if she would accept the offer or not. He said he would call then and would let me know.

I immediately called my mom and told her to start praying this lady turned down the offer. For the next week Matt and I were praying the same thing... that something would work out and she would turn the job down. Around 11:30 am on July 6th, I got a phone call from an 808 number!!! But it was Mililani Middle School! The school I did my student teaching in! They had a last minute opening and wanted me to interview that day! ... at 1:00! (It takes an hour to get to Mililani!) And if I got the job I would start July 9th!!!!

So Matt and I hurried to get ready (we were both on summer break) and headed to Mililani. On the way, we called our parents and told them to start praying. It was so surreal and I was so nervous.

We finally made it and I interviewed. The interview went great and the principal remembered me and seemed very excited to see me. She told me she would call at 4:00 and let me know. And I got the job!!!!!

So I am now a full fledged teacher at Mililani Middle School! I am on red track (kinda like teams or pods on the Mainland for Middle Schools.) I started on July 9th, and it has been a whirlwind the last three weeks. I am teaching 7th grade Hawaiian and Pacific history- the same content I student taught in. And I am also teaching a course in Family Consumer Science .... or Home Ec... which is really tough, but oh well.

I am just so excited I got a job and even though I gave up the rest of my summer because of the weird track system it was worth it. I love the school and love the other teachers who are on my team. The kids are great so far and I think it will be a great school year.

Mililani Middle is on a track system. This means there are four tracks (red, yellow, blue, and green) that are in the school, but there is only enough room for three at a time in the school building. So every few weeks one track goes off and another comes on. So red track, the track I am on, went for three weeks and now we have a three week break. It is a little crazy, but it will help me catch up with planning. Plus, it is nice to have little breaks throughout the year, so I am a fan.

And I know it was meant to be because I am off for the whole entire length of the Olympics!!! And for Jenny's visit!!!!!!

In other news, Matt started Summer B term. He is taking a couple Social Work classes and and IDS course. This term will end at the end of August. I can't believe he only has a couple more semesters left!!!

Matt and I feel very blessed with how things how turned out.

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