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Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Flashback #11

I know I owe you guys a couple because of my absence lately, and I think these will make up for it. Part of my MIA behavior is due to the fact my best friend Beth has been in town for a week. Like always, we have the greatest time together. Even though I had not seen Beth since last May (the longest time I have ever gone without seeing her), the moment I picked her up from the airport it was like we had never been apart. Beth and I met freshman year in high school and were friends all throughout high school and we roomed together and became best friends freshman year at Georgia College and State University. Even though I transfered 4,000 miles away the next year, we still stayed close and still to this day remain best friends. She was even my maid of honor at my wedding! I love this girl and can't wait to move back to Georgia to be close to her again.

In honor of her visits and the fun times we have shared, this Friday Flashback is for B!

These three pictures represent all the fun times we had with one thing: an Austin Powers wig.

My Aunt Nickie and her family had a themed Halloween one year and it involved buying two of these wigs. On one trip down to Nickie's, Beth and I found these wigs and decided to play a little dress up. (Top Picture)

On another trip, we again found the wigs and could not resist. (Middle Picture) While wearing the wig, we realized I resembled Rizzo from Grease. Which lead to the third picture.

During this trip, my Aunt Nicke allowed me to take one of the wigs home to keep since it provided so much joy for us. That action lead to a whole world of fun with this Austin Powers wig. One night I put the wig on and we drove through an Arby's drive through. The last picture is some fun we had the night I got back from Hawaii for break. We thought it would be hilarious for me to put the wig on and draw some fake eyebrows and a mustache.... and as you can see it was. Every time I see these pictures I laugh so freaking hard.

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures as much as I have.

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