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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Since June 11th I have been stuck to the t.v. with a strange obsession with the 2010 FIFA World Cup! Now for those that really know me or have ever heard me talk about soccer or futbol you know that I HATE HATE HATE soccer- I thought it was boring and the players were more actors than athletes- I thought it was ridiculous that the players found it near impossible to get a small ball into a huge net with just one puny goalkeeper trying to stop them! Well my friends those opinions are now a thing of the past!
I started watching it begrudgingly when Mike (Dillon's dad) kept wanting to check the score on opening day... so I figured okay I can watch soccer for a day- Little did I know one day was all it took to be slightly addicted to soccer! You see for me not only did I realize that not only are these athletes great- it is nerve racking to see how close they come to scoring! It really is great! And then another thing dawned on me- this is another world wide sporting event that I can watch.... again if you know me you know I LIVE for and LOVE the Olympics and so I realized this is big event for soccer fans and players and now I am hooked!

I have watched the US being cheated by goals and then being knocked out with Ghana, England not playing as a team, yellow cards flying, the occasional red card, the Dutch knocking out Brasil- which was great since everyone knows I hate Brasil! I have fallen into mini crushes with the hunks of the sport! Including Coach Bob Bradley of the US :) (you know I love older men!) I have wanted and almost bought a Vuvuzela just to use it while I am watching the matches! And I think the coolest thing about the World Cup is the fans... these people live soccer and it's great to see how dedicated and slightly crazy they are!

So needless to say I am watching the Paraguay Spain match and really pulling for Spain. Really I just need the strongest team to go against Germany because again you know I hate Germany as well! But looking at it all I think in the end I would love Uruguay to take it all... but I would not be upset with the Dutch just for the fact they took down Brasil! There is really no reason I am loving these teams- again I am a novice futbol groupie.... maybe by 2014 I will be able to make my own bracket and know the ends and outs of futbol!

Something I though you would find funny the final is next Sunday July 11th- which is Matt's birthday and I told him well I hope you can handle watching the game... and he goes "what time does the game start" and I said, "2:30... Oh well I guess we can't go to church!" (since ours is at 1:30.... and he just gave me this look hahahaha oh well!

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  1. Hey alex! I found your blog off Anna's! Glad to see you enjoyed the world cup so much! The women's is next year even though it's not nearly as exciting! guess we can just wait another 4 yrs to see it!


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