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Saturday, September 5, 2009

National Gallery Assignment

For our first assignment we were asked to go to both the British Museum and The National Gallery. While at these places we were to find specific things to look and reflect on. At The National Gallery we had to look at two paintings and compare and contrast them. The paintings were supposed to be from the Medieval and Renaissance time periods and should be focused on religion.

The first painting I looked at was
-->“The Crucified Christ with the Virgin May, Saints and Angels (The Mind Crucifixion)” by Raphael. This panting was done around 1503. -->
The Renaissance painting was “The Adoration of The Shepherds” by Luca Signorelli and was done in about 1496.

It was interesting to look at the paintings and try to relate them to each other and drawn differences. This experience really helped me look at art in a different way and helped me with being able to look at pieces together.

I am putting the pictures up so take a look and see what you can find! These two where really two of my favorite pieces in there time periods!

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