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Monday, December 23, 2013

Norman's Adventure's Part III: 2013

In case you were wondering, here are Norman's latest adventures. 

Monday, December 16 

Norman found his way all the way to the top of our Christmas tree. 

Tuesday, December 17

Norman seems to love watching his favorite movie "Elf". I guess even Elves get a bit homesick and need reminders of home. 

Wednesday, December 18 

Norman making us some paper snowflakes. 

Thursday, December 19

Leave it up to Norman to give us a countdown and to give us a little reminder of the season. 

Friday, December 20 

Uh Oh, looks like Norman got himself in a bit of a pickle. 

Saturday, December 21

Norman always likes to lend a hand when we need some help. Last week we didn't have the time to grab the stuff for the missionaries care packages, but it looks like Norman has it all under control. 

Sunday, December 22 

#elfieselfie Looks like Norman likes Instagram 

P.S. Christmas Eve is tomorrow!

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