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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Millennium Seoul Hotel: Travel Tuesday

This last Saturday Matt and I went up to Seoul on a mission to see Christmas lights. And boy did we see some Christmas lights. We had decided to go two different places to try to see the lights. The first place we went to was the Millennium Seoul Hotel. This hotel is what I want to share with you guys today. 

When Matt and I were doing research we came across the Millennium Seoul Hotel and all that the hotel does for the Holiday season. All I have to say is- if you are in the Seoul area you should check out this hotel. It is absolutely amazing! If you are feeling a little down about being away from the states during the holiday season, this hotel will cheer you up. 

The hotel has this amazing Christmas tree in the center of the main floor of the hotel. The tree was so beautiful, and it even had a Santa siting in front ready to take pictures. There was no line to take a picture with Korean Santa, so I jumped right down next to him and got a picture with him. 

Around the base of the tree there is a model train village and train tracks for you to look at. The train village is set up as a charity for different organizations, so there are donation boxes around the village for you to place money in. Matt and I were so amazed at how detailed the village was. Here are a few pictures of the village. 

The hotel also has a couple walls of Santas from around the world for you to look at. It was pretty fun to see all the versions of Santa. 

I am telling you- this hotel should be on your to do list for the holiday season. It's really close to a lot of other downtown attractions, and it really didn't take that long for us to look around. Plus, it's free so it's a win win! You could also eat at the hotel- it looked like it had at least three restaurants to choose from, and it's also attached to the Lucky 7 Casino if you're into that. 

Matt and I have some more lights to share with you, but we will save those for another post. 


  1. Wow! This looks like the perfect place for Christmas lovers!!

  2. I love the train set and mini-scenes. Hope it cheered you guys up!

    1. They really did. It was such a perfect place. I feel like Seoul goes crazy with the Christmas lights here, but I love it.


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