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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Norman Says Bye Bye: 2013

Well it happened, Christmas is over and so is our time with Norman Baggins Ho. On Christmas night, Norman went back to the North Pole to start planning for next year's Christmas. 

We had such a blast seeing Norman this year, and can't wait till next year. 

Here is what Norman was up to his last few days here: 

Monday, December 23

We call this one 'Cliff Hanger'. I guess Norman and monkey just got a little carried away one night. We found them hanging from our laundry drying rack and just using a little piece of floss. 

Tuesday, December 24

Norman is always really good at reminding us to read the story of Jesus' birth. We found Norman reading Luke Chapter 2 on my Kindle. 

Wednesday, December 25 

Norman always likes to stay with us for Christmas day and then head back to the North Pole at night. Christmas morning he surprised us with American bacon and eggs for our breakfast. 

The rest of the day Norman was just hanging in the tree watching our Christmas activities. 

We really had a blast with Norman this year, and we hope you had some laughs looking at all of his adventures. 

Remember if you missed any, you can just click here

See you next year Norman! 

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