Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Letters #18

Happy Friday Y'all! I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas.

Dear Work, It was hard going to work on Christmas Eve, but I am had that we had Christmas off. It was a nice little break in our work week. The Christmas tree you put up in the office was a really nice touch. Dear Students, I put together a Christmas packet filled with fun activities for you to do during class on Tuesday. You all had a fun time working on the packets, so I don't know why you look so depressed in this picture... 

Dear Baskin Robbins, On Christmas Eve I ventured into your very packed store to buy my husband an ice-cream cake. I am proud to say I managed to buy a cake without any of the workers speaking English. {I hardly ever order by myself here in Korea because I get a bit overwhelmed, so this was a big deal.}  The cake was pretty delicious and it's name was "Happy Tree" cake. 

Dear Christmas, You were pretty great this year. It was just Matt and myself, but we had a nice relaxing day. I'll share more about our Christmas later. :) 

Dear B, Happy 27th Birthday! I wish I could have been there for the celebrations, but maybe next year that will be in the cards. Have a great day B! 

I know these letters weren't very long, but I'm quite sleepy. :) 

Love, Alex 

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