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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Norman's Adventures 2013: Part II

Here is what Norman has been up to this week: 

Sunday, December 8 

We woke to find Norman looking through our travel guide books. It looks like he has himself a pretty good list of things to do before he leaves Korea. I guess Norman loves making lists as much as I do. :) 

Monday, December 9

I guess our Costco size container of toilet paper has been too hard for Norman to resist. We caught him again having fun playing with it. This time he built himself a nice little fort in front of the Christmas tree. 

Tuesday, December 10 

It looks like Matt found some of Korea's best treats: energy drinks and Peppero cookies. Him and his bud Rainbow seem to be having a good time. 

Wednesday, December 11 

Looks like Norman didn't want to be at home alone. We found him hanging out in the pocket of Matt's coat. 

Thursday, December 12 

Looks like Norman and Santa have found another way to communicate. 

Friday, December 14 

It looks like Norman was channeling his inner Luke Skywalker and decided to reenact a scene from Star Wars. It seems someone is a fan like his dad. I wonder when Norman found the time to watch The Empire Strikes Back? 

Saturday, December 14 

Oh no, Norman got stuck in a mason jar. It seems that his sweet tooth was used to put him in a trap! 

Sunday, December 15 

Just playing a game of marshmallow tic-tac-toe with Weenie. 


  1. haha you've done a great job finding unique stories to tell through "Norman" :) love him texting!


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