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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Love

I hope your Valentine's Day was as great as mine, and maybe even a little better since I only saw Matt for about 30 minutes! 

Last night I set up everything for Matt to find in the morning. 

While I was on intersession, I decided to list a few of the reasons I love Matt. {This was one of my ideas in my Valentine's gift post, and I realized I had never done this for Matt.} 

So I took a pack of playing cards I had, some shipping labels, markers, and a small piece of sandpaper (which I borrowed from our cousins) and made made this little Love Booklet. All I had to buy were the binder rings I used to bind the cards together, but you could use twine. 

{Thank you Nana for always buying me Betty Boop stuff! These cards were perfect for this.}

{I wrapped the booklet in the tin the cards came in and put it in our red mailbox with a note saying "Open this while you are waiting for your bus." The top right picture is the card Matt made me. This is the second year we have made cards for each other and I have got to recommend this for you guys! It is awesome. Matt makes the best cards. The M&Ms are from a student!} 

{I used shipping labels to stick on the cards. I didn't want to deal with tape or glue, and I think this turned out great.! And I love how every card has a different picture of Betty.} 

This was a big hit with Matt and all I spent was like $1. 

I found this Valentine holder at Wal-Mart and I knew I needed to get it for Matt. So I bought it- filled it with candy- wrote this Valentine card (thanks Pinterest) and stuck it in Matt's dresser drawer for him to find this morning. {Matt loves Star Wars and Yoda is kinda a little joke between us. My gift for Matt on our wedding day was a surprise groom's cake in the shape of Yoda's head.}

The Yoda Valentine holder also came with these Valentine cards which I stuck on the bathroom mirror and his lunch box. 

When I woke up I found this lovely note on our mirror. 

Matt had stuck a bunch of notes around the house for me to find this morning. It was awesome. 

The last gift I had for Matt was this coupon book I had made from Datevitation. I hand picked a bunch of coupons I thought Matt would enjoy and had them made into a personalized coupon book. {Another gift from my Valentine gift ideas.} It turned out great and Matt loved it. Plus, I used a coupon code and got a really good deal!

There are a few coupons I am nervous for Matt to redeem {Chinese Food}, but it's all in the name of love! 

Matt and I didn't get to see each other that much today because of our busy schedules, but I did get to spend my night with this cutie. 

All in all it was a great day. I am so lucky to have Matt in my life and to know he loves me so much. 

I think we might celebrate tomorrow night with some one on one time, but all these little notes and treats have been perfect. 

I also spent my night giving out all my candy grams for my RACK of the month. I just left them on the doors, and it felt really good doing this small thing for my neighbors. I even ran into a friend of mine and she helped me drop the packets off. It was nice to chat with her and get some quality time in. {Click here if you have no idea what I am talking about with the RACKs.}

{I changed the quote from the Mother Teresa quote I shared in the previous post to this one from William James.} 

Happy Valentine's Day! Muah and Much Love! 

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