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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Loving More and Random Acts of Kindness Month 1

Throughout the month of December, Matt and I really tried to take part in completing RACKS (otherwise known as Random Acts of Kindness). When December was over we realized we didn't want to stop, but we hadn't done anything since the holidays were over. 

Then I came across this blog post from Thirty Handmade Days. In January she sent out a challenge for people to commit RACKs in honor of her son's 13th birthday. And she got tons of people messaging pictures and e-mails of the acts they completed that day. 

She had such a blast that day she has decided to dedicate the 14th of every month to RACKs, and she has challenged everyone to join her. {She even created a free RACK tag for you to use!} 

Needless to say this is exactly what I was looking for!  I have taken the challenge and I am excited to get started! 

I saw this printable with the phrase "Love More". And I fell in love with it. Sometimes we get in the habit of just rushing through life and often times not thinking of others. 

This phrase "Love More" fits perfectly with the RACK challenge. 

This year I am going to try to Love More and really think of others while I am going through my days. 

Since the 14th of this month landed on Valentine's Day, I wanted to give some special people a Valentine's Day treat. 

There is a couple that go to church with us, and they had their first baby a few months ago. For the last couple of weeks, I have seen them at church and I can tell they really love their new baby. But I also noticed that they look a little bit tired- not a bad tired, just a we have to continue our classes and work and take care of our baby kinda way. 

I felt like I should do something to help them out and one thing kept popping into my head: Offer to watch their baby. And I kept pushing it aside. I mean, I know this couple, but I don't KNOW this couple. And I have never held their baby- let alone babysat it! 

But the thought kept popping in and I knew I needed to offer to watch their baby. 

Last Sunday, I asked if they had anyone lined up to watch their baby for Valentine's Day and she replied "No." 

In which I said: "Okay, you two pick a date and Matt and I will watch the baby." 

Wife: "Are you sure." 

Me: "Yes, of course." 

Wife: "What is your rate?"

Me: (with a confused look) My rate? .... Oh my rate... Free!" 

Wife: (with tears in her eyes) "Are you serious." 

Me: "Yes- pick a date and let me know. 

Seriously, the best feeling ever. I am so excited that this young couple gets to go out and have some fun. And I get to take care of a baby for a couple hours! 

*I also wanted to do something small for some others that are around us. So I decided to make candy goodie bags and give them to our neighbors. 

I am pretty excited to hand them out tomorrow. I think I am going to just leave them at their door so they are more anonymous. {Although, if you happen to read this, and you happen to be my neighbor, and you happen to get a bag of candy- I guess the surprise is ruined.} 

Here is how they turned out: 
{I didn't have time to print the free printable, so I just made my own version. I will print them next time.}

I encourage you all to try to complete at least one RACK this year, and then share it with me! 

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