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Monday, November 5, 2012

Nesting... For the Non-Pregnant

This weekend I have been on a organizing, heavy cleaning, getting rid of clutter KICK! And do I mean KICK! I was joking with Matt about nesting for no one because of how much I wanted to get things organized.

I think it started because Matt and I had a white glove (cleaning check) on Saturday and I had just gotten back from my trip and felt a little unorganized.

For white gloves Matt and I usually clean pretty well and I do a deep clutter clean at the end of every semester, but this time I could not wait until after Christmas!

I felt like the clutter was taking over our small place. If you don't remember, Matt and I live in a studio apartment with limited amount of storage.

I cleaned out/ organized our storage shelves and drawers.
I threw out old papers that we no longer needed.
Donated stuff we don't use anymore.
I organized the bathroom cupboard.
Organized our important documents.
Scrubbed our house down.
Shoot I even planned our November Dinner Menu and I set up a Blog Calendar (this will help keep me organized and more focus during my blogging!) CRAZY I KNOW!

I may not have worked on any work stuff, but I feel a lot better about our humble abode! Luckily, I have Monday and Tuesday off, so I can work on my work stuff.

In other news, Matt and I picked up some new picture frames so we are working on a new frame wall! (Pictures coming soon!)

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