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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Check- Check- and Triple Check

Aloha and Happy Thursday Ya'll! 

And Happy May 1st! 

I really can't believe in two days Matt and I will be in Cambodia. It seems so surreal. I am having a hard time coming to terms with the idea of being in Cambodia. CAMBODIA! I mean- for real- doesn't that just seem crazy to y'all?

Anyway- today's post is going to be short and sweet. 

Yesterday was spent cleaning up the house and doing some laundry for our upcoming trip. I always like to leave the house nice and tidy for when we return. (Isn't slipping into clean sheets after traveling one of the best feelings?) I have made my packing list. Checked it. Checked it again. And once more for good measure. 

Today I'll be packing and getting the last minute stuff together. Which brings me to my point. 

The last few weeks I've had these nightmares that I've gotten all the way to the airport and then realized I didn't have my passport. In these dreams, I'm so stressed and upset that I usually wake myself up. 

Does anyone else have this dream? 

Forgetting my passport is one of my biggest fears. Second to losing my passport. 

As an expat- I'm really screwed without a passport. Because it's so important- I know it would be highly unlikely for me to actually forget and or lose it- but that doesn't stop the nightmares. 

So now my checklist looks something like: 

Toothbrush/ Toothpaste
Do you have the passports? 

Can you tell I'm a little crazy? And if that's not bad enough- I have to ask Matt before we leave- Do we have the passports? 

On the train- Passports? 

I'm insane, but at least I have my passport. 

So travelers? What do you get paranoid about before leaving on a trip? 

Love, Alex 


  1. I'm the EXACT same way. I check for my passport, wallet and camera EVERY time I change locations, as in - inside the cab, outside the cab, sitting down at the restaurant, standing outside of the restaurant. I drive myself nuts.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only overly paranoid.. or should I say alert person! I can't help it though- it's a pretty important thing to keep track of.

  2. Have an amazing time! I'm very jealous!!

    I panic about losing my passport. I have to carry it with me everywhere when I'm abroad obviously and that makes me sometimes forget I have it and then I panic more!!

    When we were heading back to Tanzania in January we took the London underground to the airport and found a passport when we arrived at one of the terminals. The train had stopped at another terminal just before ours so I assume the girl got off the train there and left it. I felt sick for her and couldn't stop thinking about her discovering at the checkin desk that her passport was not in her bag. Hopefully the airport security was able to track her down in time for her flight!

    1. Oh my gosh- that story you shared is my biggest worry. Although I never keep it out when riding around. It's always stored, so maybe that will help!

  3. Ah, have fun in Cambodia!

    Did you remember to pack your passport? ;)

    1. Polly- Cambodia was amazing. And our passports are safe and sound.

  4. Have an amazing time!! & yes having everything ready for traveling seems easy but it is always necessary to double check!
    I'm a new follower of your blog, maybe you can follow me back?

    1. Thanks Diana! Cambodia was amazing. And our double checking paid off- everything was great.


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- Alex