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Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Letters #27

Happy Friday Y'all! 

I hope your week went well and you all have wonderful weekend plans! This weekend I'm taking a break from studying and we are going to Chinatown with some friends. It will be nice to get out and explore Seoul a bit more. 

Now onto the letters, 

Dear GRE Studying, Seriously so tired of studying. Last weekend, I may or may not of had a complete melt down at home. Let me explain- in high school and in the one math class I had to take in college I got As. I wasn't good at math, but I could get by. So I guess I thought I would be able to brush up and be good to go… that is not the case! I have been studying and studying and I seem to be going nowhere with the math section of the GRE. 

Luckily, after my breakdown {which consisted of me sobbing and saying I was stupid- which is so NOT like me} Matt made me get out of the house. He treated me to Outback which was delicious and just what I needed. {Sometimes you just need American food.} I think I have been putting too much pressure on myself and the score I feel I need to get. I'm going to try to be better about this, but it's hard because I tend to get a little {okay, a lot} obsessive about grades and school. At least it will all be over in July when I take the test. I've decided I"m only going to take the test once and just let it go. 

Dear Korean Studying, {I know my life is so exciting!} I never thought I would be excited about studying Hangul, but GRE math makes learning Korean easy…. well easier. This week I've really put in some serious studying with this language. I've pretty much mastered the alphabet and now I'm moving on to some vocabulary. I can't tell you how exciting it is to be able to read Korean. I try to sound out every word I see. I have no idea what they mean- but I can read it! {Look at that Alphabet- you know you're a little impressed.}

I've been opening up to my co-workers for help, and it seems to really be helping our relationship. I've come to really love the language and I think it is really beautiful to hear. {Although I think I should ridiculous speaking it.} 

Dear Dad and Heather, Thanks for the package! I'm glad it made it to us. {It was filled with tights, candy, apple butter, pudding, some magazines, and a huge case of chapstick.} It was an amazing package. 

Dear Korean Dramas, Seriously- so addicting! This week I started watching Korean Dramas to be able to listen to Korean more, and I am loving it. I thought they would be stupid, but I am addicted. I've been watching "Bride of the Century" and "Heirs". I am a huge Kim Tan {Lee Min Ho} fan. I would like to say this is really helping my studying, but really- it's just entertainment. Thank goodness for Hulu! 

{via- The man in the middle is Lee Min Ho- my very first Korean crush. Don't worry- Matt knows all about it. He's so handsome.}

That's about all that happened this week. A lot of studying and a lot of work. I'm happy the weekend is here. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

Love, Alex 

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