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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thien Cahn Son Cave and Hon Co Island

Happy Almost Friday Y'all! 

Continuing with the theme of the week- I thought I would share some more from our cruise of Ha Long Bay. 

On our first day, we stopped off to explore Thien Cahn Son Cave and to hang out at the beach. This was a nice break from the boat and we enjoyed swimming in the water and relaxing. 

The cave was pretty neat to walk through. Our guide said that in the past, the fishermen would live in caves like this. 

After exploring the caves, we were able to hang out at the beach. You could swim, kayak, or lay out on the sand. We chose to swim around and enjoy the nice and cool water. It was so nice to be swimming around after so many months without a pool or ocean to jump into. 
(Man, I miss Hawaii!) 

And that was our nice relaxing trip during our Ha Long Bay tour. It was a perfect way to end our first day on the wonderful junk. 

So cave exploring- Yes or No? 

Treasure Tromp


  1. Hmmm, I would do cave exploring only if the ceiling heights were well above my head. I can't do the tiny 'body width' spaces and ocean caves. I would spaz out!

    Your photos are beautiful!


    1. Thanks! I am with you on the cave size! This one was nice and big- it was perfect for walking around. And it was lit up pretty well so it was easy to see and walk around.

  2. Definitely yes! This looks like an amazing way to spend the afternoon!!

    1. It was perfect! The cave was so cool to explore, and the water was nice to swim around in.


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