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Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday's Letters #10

Wow, I can't believe we are already in the double digits of these Friday Letters. It seems like time is going by both fast and slow. 

Dear Week, I am sooo glad you are almost over. For real, longest week of my life! I think having holidays the last two weeks really screwed me up. Going back to a 5 day work week was a challenge. I am so looking forward to the weekend. Matt and I have plans to go into Seoul and explore a little bit... this exploring may or may not end up with us eating tacos. :) 

Dear Family and Friends, I know I got you all excited about naming one of my Korean students after you, but you have got to calm down! I can only throw out so many English names at one time. If my students had their way they would name themselves after The Mario Brothers. I have the funniest mixture of names in my classes. Here are some of my favorite: Shinee (pronounced Shiny), Browny (who is a boy), Mandy (who is a boy), Queena, Coopa (pronounced Cooper), Cleo, Xenom, and Calix. I had a couple of girls wanting to be called Irina and Yuki, and a boy wanted to be called Loony, but I vetoed those names. 

{The list of names I came up with for my new students} 

Dear Bonanza, How cool was it that I found you in the game section of the Lotte World! Matt and I were looking for games that we could play with just two people, and low and behold our favorite game of all time! And best of all, all the bean names are written in Korean and English on the cards. I feel like we are really cool to have this version of Bonanza.  The whole ride home I just kept saying "I'm so excited" over and over. 

{That's real excitement people!} 

Dear Weekend, Let's be a good one okay! I am ready to do some exploring and have a nice relaxing weekend. One that does not include a migraine like last week. 

Happy Friday Y'all! Have a great weekend. 

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PS- I know that these pictures are reposts from Instagram, but what can I say- I like to make sure everyone sees the pics! 

PPS- I have a Q&A session with Nicole over at Treasure Tromp, so make sure you head over there and check it out!

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    1. hahaha yup. My older sister is named Chantal. Do you pronounce your name ChanTALL or ChanTELL? My sister is ChanTALL. She thinks it's strange I know someone else with the name Chantal.


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