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Friday, July 15, 2011

D.C. and Cupcakes

After I returned from Georgia with Jud I turned around and flew to D.C. for a Career Connect program I was accepted to. This is a program that sets up interviews and meetings with organizations and groups for future internships and employment in the city of D.C.

I was told that this was a competitive program and not to get my hopes up, but I applied and got in... Now it was with BYU-Idaho and we all know how I feel about that school! Ha ha! Anyway, so I went out to D.C. for a week to see what else I could do with a degree in history and political science.

It was great fun- I met with a few aids from Congress and the Senate- The International Relief and Development (which was my favorite)- a super conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation (which was my least favorite) - CIA- The European Union- State Department and many more.

It was such a great opportunity and it really opened my eyes to what I can do with my degree!

But, I must say the best part of the trip was seeing my BF Jenny! I arrived into D.C. on June 7, aka my BIRTHDAY and Jenny came up to meet me. We went into Georgetown and got Georgetown Cupcakes or if you watch TLC D.C. Cupcakes! If you are not familiar click HERE!

These cupcakes were soooo good! And I think the price was just right! HMMMM- in fact just writing about these bad boys makes me want to order some on-line! It was also nice because there was another shop right by my hotel so I was able to pick some up for Jud, Matt and my in-laws because they were in Hawaii! I think they really enjoyed them! I know I did!

We also ate at a restaurant called Uno and just had a great time. She also came up Friday and stayed the night and hung out Saturday morning. She is such a great friend and I am glad I had this time!

On Friday, it was nice because J took me around to see a lot of the monuments and of course we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe because that's our thing! I was so tired because I had been walking around that whole week and it was 100 degrees- so I complained a lot and we had to take A LOT of breaks, but I am glad I saw what I saw! And please don't be grossed out about how swollen my legs and feet are in the pictures- it just happened! Even though- if I come back to D.C. it will be in the WINTER or FALL!!!!!

All around it was a great trip, but I was ready to get home and hang out with my two favorite guys!
I was in D.C during the whole Wiener scandal so it was quite great I saw his office!
Listening to the Fireside Chats!
Waiting in line a the soup kitchen

I had a few more pictures, but they are not too good since we saw all the memorials at night and my camera doesn't like to take pictures at night! Oh well- hope you enjoy!

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