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Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Little Cholo

So Matt had to go up to campus the other week to get his MAP (Master Academic Plan), to see when he would graduate. And of course in order to do this he needed to shave! Shave the beard that I dearly love!

Of course, I had to take pictures!

Before... (please don't mind the weird angle and Matt had not taken a shower yet)

After... well, in the middle....

Matt really did not want to get rid of all his facial hair... and BYU allows the men to have mustaches (which results in a a lot of students looking like pedophiles)! However, as this picture proves, Matt cannot have a mustache! He had to shave it all off... but, at this point, he did not want anymore pictures! :)


  1. hahaha maybe he should a kept the middle stage a little longer?

  2. Oh yeah, Chester the Molesters all over the BYU campuses. Kinda glad Matt isn't going with the creeper look.

  3. Matt - sorry you are clean shaven now but I think you look awesome all the time. Love Abuela


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