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Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Dreams Are Comig True!

My younger brother, Joe, asked Malia, Matt's younger sister, to their Senior Prom!!!!!!! For those of you that know we you understand what a big deal this is! I have wanted little Malier and Joe Joe to get together for such a long time.... now I know this does not mean they are dating... but it is a step in the right direction.

And just a little background for you Malier and I have been friends since she was 12 (I was new in the ward and she was the only nice girl... even though I think I just scared her and she just wanted to be nice!) Anyway, since that friendship we always joked about wanting to be sisters... I told her the only way that would happen is if she married Joe! And of course, she told me I would have to marry Matt... which at the time I just laughed! Well, 6 years later we are sisters and I of course married Matt (who would have thought the skinny, nerdy, kinda strange boy I met at the age of 16 would be my future husband!)...

Anyway, this story is not about me...it's about the love that I can see blooming between Malier and Joe Joe... okay so I know I am being dramatic, but I am just so happy! And just so I don't get in trouble they are just friends.... (so they say).... and just a reminder... but Matt and I were 'just friends' too!

Okay, so by now you guys just want to hear the story... now I am not quite sure of the details but I do know that Joe called me one day last week and asked when Malia went to church. After some asking around, I let him know the time. He then told me he was going to take a bag of Hershey Kisses and lead a path up to her room (now this is not creepy because our families have been friends for a while and Joe is almost a permanent fixture at their house). Then inside her room he was going to spell PROM? with the Hershey Kisses!!!!! I know I can hear the sighs now :) And just a side note Joe is NOT a romantic at ALL so this was a HUGE gesture.. and from this I can see how much he cares for Malia... even if it is just friendship.... for now :)

Enjoy the Pictures!


  1. Alex,

    I love your post, but your brother is going to go postal. Can't wait to show him - maybe I will show him first thing in the morning before school. That will be a great start to his week!!

  2. Dear Alex - loved the picture of Malia and the chocolate kisses. Her dress looks gorgeous - I am glad they are going to the Prom because I think it is best when you go with a FRIEND.
    love abuela


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