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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wisdom Teeth

Tuesday I was lucky enough to get my wisdom teeth taken out! For the past year they had been bothering me so it was finally time to break down and do it. Plus, I did not want them bothering me while in London so I got it over with! It was not that bad but the anesthesia made me a little weepy so at random times I would just start crying. I also had a nice fat bottom lip and looked pretty rough! It was also hard to drink my soup through the fat lip and the fact that my whole face was numb still! It was quite a fun day, but I am thankful for my family's help with all of this! And of course my BFF Beth that stopped by! Today is the second day so now I am eating semi-solid foods so that is good! I also needed to put ice on my face to stop the swelling and believe it or not it is quite hard to put ice packs on both cheeks so I tied two of Joe's baseball socks together and put the ice packs in between my face and the socks! I thought this was quite inventive! Anyway so that is an update with me! Everything is going well, I am a little sore and swollen but everything else is pretty much fine!

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