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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monster Cupcake {몬스터컵케이} : Seoul

Happy Tuesday Y'all! 

A couple weeks ago, Matt and I took a quick day trip up to Seoul for a little adventure. One of the places we stopped was a little (and I mean little) cupcake shop. 

The theme of this shop is just as the name suggests- monsters. 
The decor was all out monster and horror. And the cupcakes were so beautifully decorated. If you  have a craving for some monster ade out of a blood bag- they have it. 

From what I heard- tiramisu is their best, but I don't like tiramisu- so we opted out of that one. I loved the look of all the cupcakes. It seems that a lot of the cupcakes are regulars and just a couple are switched out every week. 

I heard the red velvet was good, so I tried the red velvet Mummy, and Matt got the Jack Skellington Vanilla. Red velvet is my favorite flavor and I must admit this was not the best red velvet I've tasted. But these were the best cupcakes we've had in Korea. 

The sweets here in Korea are very different and often times don't taste like what we expect, but the vanilla cupcake and the frosting on both was delicious. 

I would come back here to buy cupcakes. I think I would try the dark chocolate or the mint. Maybe even strawberry. 

The shop is really small and there is not a lot of seating (as in just one little table inside and one outside)- but they do wrap up cupcakes to go in a durable little container if needed. 

This was definitely a go to shop if you're in the mood for a good cupcake and like themed shops. 

Basic Information: 

Hours- 12:00-10:00 pm 
Closed Mondays 
Cost: About 4,800-5,000 Won per cupcake 
Location: Off the line 6 (brown line). Noksapyeong station exit 2. (One station away from Itaewon) 
*Use the underpass to cross the street. Turn right down the street to the left as you come out of the underpass. Walk towards the large church. Cupcake shop will be on your left.*

**It's small, so be careful not to pass it.** 


  1. All I can think now is that I really want to go to Sprinkles and get a banana cupcake with chocolate frosting.

    1. Ooooo Sprinkles my favorite! I love the black and whites.


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