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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hustai National Park: Mongolia {Travel Tuesday}

Happy Tuesday Y'all! 

Today I wanted to share Hustai National Park with you guys. This was one of our stops on the first day of our tour. And this is where our first ger camp was. 

Hustai is one of the protected areas in Mongolia. It is filled with wildlife and it is a beautiful place to visit. One of the greatest things that is in the park are the Takhi wild horses. They were reintroduced to the park in the 90s and today there are over 220 takhi in the park. This is the only place in the world where these horses are in the wild. 

So we went out with our guide in search of these wild horses. We had the best luck because we saw 5 different groups of the horses. Our guide was amazing. He was spotting them left and right. For being an older gentleman- he had some amazing eyes! 
In the pictures below, you can see them in the distance. We didn't have the greatest lens, but we had binoculars- so when we were there we had the best views. 

{Our guide, Our driver-Naana, and Our tour guide- Jangar} 

This was an amazing place for us to visit. We loved seeing Hustai National Park and we loved sleeping in a ger- but that's for another day! 

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