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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Friday Letters 61

Happy Sunday Y'all! 

Hope your weekend was swell. Like last week- these letters are a bit late. 

But I'm here now- so here we go. 

Last Saturday marked the first of November. I love the month of November. This year- Matt and I are doing 30 days of #thankfulhos. We've been uploading a picture  a day about something we are thankful for. {PS- Are we friends on Instagram... cause we should be!} 

Here are my first 8 days: 
1. Seoul Temple
2. Mexican food 
3. Having the opportunity to travel to Mongolia
4. The beautiful fall leaves
5. Dr. Who
6. Study aboard in London
7. The month of November
8. Traveling to the Seoul Lantern Festival 

- Eating yummy waffle after waffle this week. Oh- they are so delicious
-Enjoying the beautiful fall leaves
-I am loving wearing my vest and scarfs. It is the perfect weather right now
- I caught up on my journaling 
-Watched You Got Mail
- Found a delicious Southern BBQ place in Seoul. Many thanks for Chantal. This place was so good. We had fried jalapeño mac and cheese balls, fried pickles, pulled pork and brisket sandwiches, fries, pork and beans, and bacon potato salad. I can't even wait to go back. Is next week too soon? 
- Matt and I had date night. We chose to go to Subway. We actually haven't been to Subway since living in the states, but I needed a cold cut sandwich in my life. I think we are adding this to our weekly menu. I miss sandwiches so much 
-Drank some yummy hot chocolate from Starbucks 
-Enjoyed the red cup and the visit with my hubby 

-Matt booked a hotel in Seoul for our upcoming anniversary- 4 years!!!! I have no idea where we are staying and I can't wait. 

And now we are watching Dr. Who and getting things ready for the work week. 

I wish you all the best of Mondays!

Love, Alex 

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