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Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Letters #26

Happy Friday Y'all! 

This week went by pretty fast, but I'm still having a hard time adjusting to my new work schedule. I have three more classes and now I work until 8:50… so I get home around 9:40 now. Boo. 

Now onto the letters- 

Dear TOEFL Class, I will miss you guys- you were my favorite. For real- I loved this class. This was my highest level class and they were so smart. I loved teaching them because we could actually have good conversations. A lot of my students can't carry on a full conversation, or they don't understand my jokes- so it gets a little lonely during the day. But with this class it was so much fun. Kate (the one in the middle) studied in New Zealand for three years, so her English was amazing- plus she had the cutest accent.

They are starting high school this month, so they will no longer have the time to come to JC School during the week. I'm glad that I get to leave earlier on Mondays now, but I wish one of my not so good classes could have been taken away. :) We had a nice little pizza party on Monday, and had the best conversation. 

*High schoolers in Korea start school at 7:45 and they end about 2:45, but the schools stay open until 10:00 pm so the students can study! Then most of them spend their Saturdays at their academies. So these three will come to JC School on Saturday for THREE hours and study some more. This will be their lives for 3 years!* 
(I know that was really long, but I will really miss them.) 

 {Kevin, Kate, Sally} 

Dear Not so Good Class, This week you learned if you continue to not listen - there will be consequences. I don't know why you think hitting each other and talking during presentations is okay, because it is so not. 

*I had a lot of comments on my Facebook page about writing lines, so let me clear it up. In America- I did not do this as a teacher- it was considered a form of corporal punishment. Plus, this would not have been effective with my students. Here though, it's okay. One they are practicing writing and spelling in English. :) And it's really effective with some of my Korean students. Since teaching here- I've only done this about three times and it's always been in different classes- so they really learn their lesson :) 

Dear Nana and Papa Drake, Thank you for the Christmas presents- we love them. As you can see- I am all Betty Booped out. When I was in middle school, I started my love of Betty, and ever since then my Nana and Papa have kept me stocked in Betty Boop attire. :) 

Dear GRE Studies, You're going okayish. I'm getting a little tired of studying all the time, but I know this is the only way to get a semi good score. This weekend I will be studying again, but at least I can catch up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. 

Dear Asian Babies, I miss you so so much. It was great being able to Skype with guys. I can't believe how big you've gotten. I wish you could be in Korea with us, but we will see each other soonish! 

Dear March, Welcome welcome. I am excited about the warmer weather- just don't get too warm too fast. 

PS- This week I had a break through with my co-workers. Apparently the key all along was to practice Korean at work. When they saw this it was like all the walls between us dropped. I don't think it's going to be perfect, but I think it's going to be better. 

{PPS- As you can see, most of my Friday Letter pictures are from Instagram. Are we friends? If not, we should be! @afahey14

Love, Alex 

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