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Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Letters #21

Happy Friday Y'all. TGIF, am I right? 

I need to start my letter my first addressing you guys. So, Dear Readers, I am sorry I have been neglecting my blog in the last few weeks. It first started as a combination of writer's block and just a lack of wanting to write. For the first time since really starting this blog, I have not wanted to write. I would try to think of ideas and just be stuck, or I would go to write and just find myself lacking the drive. Then last Monday when I got the news of the death of my cousin, I just didn't want to do anything. I wanted to sleep. I wanted to go home. I definitely didn't want to write. This week it got worse. My goal for this next week is to be a bit better about writing. I think I will focus on writing 3 posts a week and work myself up. I got a little burnt out trying for 5-6 in the past. Again, I'm sorry for not being consistent. 


Dear Eli, Abuela, Sophia, Grandma Fahey, Nana Earl, and Nana Drake, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! January is full of birthdays in our family. Our nephew, Eli, celebrated his first birthday on the 9th, and our niece, Sophia, celebrated her 9th on the 21st. Happy Birthday everyone! We really wish we could be there celebrating with each and everyone of y'all. 

 {Eli with his Red Ryder Wagon we got him for his birthday} 

 {Sophia got an American Girl doll for Christmas, so we got her some PJs for her doll} 

{Even though we are far away from our family we still like to make sure we give everyone some birthday love. For both Eli and Sophia we made an Instagram video singing Happy Birthday.} 

Dear GRE, You are for sure killing me. (This is probably part of the reason I haven't been writing as much lately.) Matt and I will be taking this test in June, and we have a lot to study before then. I've been studying at work, at home, on the bus... study study study! 

Dear Japan, I am so excited this trip is so close! I can't believe we will be in a different country this time next week! 

Happy Friday. Have a great weekend. 

Love, Alex 

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