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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Enniskerry, Ireland: Travel Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today, I'm going to share a little town in Ireland with you. 

I visited Enniskerry back in 2009 when I was on my way to Powerscourt Estate (which I'll share with you next week). Enniskerry is a small little village about 15 miles outside of Dublin. Before coming to Ireland, I had no idea that Enniskerry existed. My friend and I just happened upon it because we were going to the big estate in the area. 

Like many places in the United Kingdom, this village or town center was absolutely perfect. 

If you are planning on traveling to Powerscourt, which I think you should, you will most likely pass through Enniskerry. The Dublin city buses drop you off in the town center, and then you walk up to the estate. On our walk, we were greeted with these beautiful views. 

While I love living in Korea, there is nothing as beautiful to me than a small little village and some green UK countryside. Nothing really compares for me. 

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