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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Interview with a 9 Year Old

Last year I interviewed my younger siblings Jud and Olivia. I wanted to ask simple questions that they would be able to answer. I thought it would be fun to see how their answers changed throughout the years. 

If you missed last year's interview click here

Olivia Jade Drake 
Born May 10, 2003

Favorite Animal: Cheetah
Favorite Place: The Atlanta Aquarium
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite T.V. Show: Sponge Bob
Best Friend: Paige
Loves: Playing tennis
Dislikes: Chores, having to wear clothes she doesn't like
Favorite Place to Play: The Swift Cantrell Part
Favorite Subject: Science
Favorite Thing About Being 9/ being in the 4th grade: learning more (like fractions)
Favorite Sister (this was just joke): But she said "That's a hard question.... Alex." 

Judson Conner Drake
Born: May 26, 2003

Favorite Animal: Cats and Lion and Rhino
Favorite Place: Africa
Favorite Color: Green (because it's on Wild Kratts) 
Favorite Food: Chinese Food... yeah I was surprised too
Favorite T.V. Show: Wild Kratts
Best Friend: Ian
Loves: Doing projects and playing with my friends
Dislike: Being bored
Favorite Place to Play: At School
Favorite Subject: Science
Favorite Thing About Being 9/ being in the 3rd grade: Getting up in grades (grade level)
Favorite Sister: He just pointed at me :) 

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